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The Quooker Tap

Introducing Quooker, the tap that does it all
Quooker is a revolutionary kitchen tap that gives you instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect way to save time and energy in the kitchen, and it’s also a great way to improve your health and well-being.

How does it work?

Quooker consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. The tank is filled with filtered water and heated to 100 degrees Celsius. When you turn on the tap, you can choose between boiling, chilled, or sparkling water.

Why choose Quooker?

There are many reasons to choose Quooker, including:

  • Convenience: Quooker gives you instant access to boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, so you can make a cup of tea, cook pasta, or fill a water bottle in seconds.
  • Health benefits: Drinking boiled water will help to kill harmful bacteria and improve your immune system. Chilled water is refreshing and hydrating, and sparkling water can help to improve digestion.
  • Style: Quooker is available in a variety of finishes to match any kitchen décor.

Which Quooker is right for you?

There are two different types of Quooker taps available:

  • 3-in-1 tap: This tap gives you access to boiling, chilled, and sparkling water.
  • Boiling-water tap: This tap only gives you access to boiling water.

The best way to choose the right Quooker tap for you is to consider your needs and budget. If you want the convenience of having all three types of water at your fingertips, then the 3-in-1 tap is the perfect choice. If you’re on a budget or only need boiling water, then the boiling-water tap is a great option. Contact us now to find the right tap for you.

Order your Quooker today and start enjoying the benefits of instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water!The Quooker was the very first boiling-water tap in the world. Inventions like the high-vacuum insulated tank, the all-in-one taps Quooker Fusion and Flex and the series of black boiling-water taps brought about a revolution in the kitchen. Innovation ‘around the sink’ still continues every day.

To save the climate, we must all take a step back. Consume less, make conscious choices. And although it might feel a luxury to draw boiling, chilled and sparkling or filtered water from the tap, a Quooker is a sustainable purchase. Providing a great affordable alternative to bottled water

Did you know – To boil a kettle in the UK currently costs 12-15p per time. To run a Quooker hot water tap costs 30P per day. This makes the Quooker instant boiling water tap the most efficient and cost effective kitchen tap on the market.

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