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Developing innovations in technology that take the ordinary, and transform it into something extraordinary. Not years from now. Not tomorrow. But today. The brilliant innovations found in Siemens Home Appliances, not only set a new standard in applied technology, they redefine the way we run our households. Simplifying and re-defining our day-to-day, with inspiring and intuitive features and functionalities.


It’s easy to think that kitchens are fully evolved, but with the onset of the Internet of Things, our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute. Whether it is checking the fridge from the shop, or sending a recipe straight to your oven, Siemens Smart Home Appliances with Home Connect allows you full control of your kitchen outside of your home.

Home Connect offers a whole range of functions that go beyond remotely controlling household appliances. Offering a great degree of flexibility, these functions also help save precious time so you can focus on the important things in life.


Linear details such as the chrome line accentuates the geometric characteristics and precise design of Siemens Home Appliances. The chrome line is an exclusive and typical feature of Siemens premium products, lending them particular elegance and value appeal through their materials and optics. The horizontal alignment of the chrome line along the entire width of the appliance’s front is used across all product categories and value classes.