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Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us. This is the basic principle behind everything we do at NEFF. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Our innovative products help you to prepare mouthwatering food – whether it’s a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can’t get enough of – a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish.


Twenty years ago, we reinvented the oven door. Whatever is cooking in your oven, you can get closer than ever thanks to the unique feature of our oven doors. Basting your roast is a breeze when you can keep a good eye on things and truly reach in. What’s best, no more burned wrists as you pop a tray back in! Go on and make sure it will be good enough for everyone – tasting ahead got more tempting now with Slide&Hide®.


With CircoTherm®, you can evenly cook completely different dishes at one time, using all oven levels, without any intermingling flavours. This hot air seals food quickly, retaining moisture and preventing flavour transfer. Once you’re done cooking, cleaning your oven couldn’t be easier.


The Pyrolytic self-cleaning function makes scrubbing the oven a thing of the past. With the touch of a button, you can reduce the food deposits and grease in your oven to ash, waiting to be simply wiped away.