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Kitchen Design

Designing kitchens of elegance, effortless design, unique style and clever solutions...

William Cope design, supply and install bespoke kitchens using UK brands. For a space so well used and a social environment in the home, it deserves invested time and quality design to create something perfect, we use the following suppliers to help us create the perfect kitchen for your space.

Second Nature - A long established, family owned UK brand offering unique options in both colour and style. With a comprehensive range of quality stocked products from the world’s leading manufacturers, together with the most flexible services, and bespoke design options.

Marpatt - Again an UK owned family business specialising in in-frame and shaker style kitchens. Marpatt can build to bespoke drawings allowing us to push the boundaries of design and create unique features to suit your space.

Uform - A UK owned brand their mission is to enable us to create aspirational living spaces by supplying unrivalled products focussed around the heart of the home.

And introducing our own brand...

Eco Sense - William Cope's own bespoke carbon neutral range offering high end style married with a vast range of recycled, carbon neutral or even negative products including worktops, appliances and accessories. This range is focussed around a modern slab door style, available in handless or standard lay on.

Looking to update your kitchen and already happy with the layout, have a look at the additional services we can offer to transform your kitchen.

Additional Services